Led by Marike, the Amsterdam Art Orchestra is a recently founded big band that features leading European players such as Tineke Postma and Jasper Blom, as well as younger talents like Ella Zirina and Suzan Veneman.

The AmAO focuses on playing adventurous and new big band music, mainly composed by its members. Marike van Dijk founded the band with the aim of creating an original sound, as well as supporting young women in jazz. This led to a striking formation with a majority of women.


Saxes Marike van Dijk, Tineke Postma, Jasper Blom, Jessie Brevé, Wies van Toledo

Trombones Shannon Barnett, Juliane Gralle, Louk Boudesteijn, Vincent Veneman

Trumpets Suzan Veneman, Ellister van der molen, Alvaro Jimenez, Diederik Rijpstra

Rhythm Ella Zirina – guitar, Franz von Chossy – piano, Anne Mette Iversen – bass, Mareike Wiening – drums.